WhatsApp Marketing

Reach Your Messages to 2 Billion WhatsApp User NOW

Why WhatsApp Marketing Works?

WhatsApp is a Free-to-use online mobile messaging app with more than 2 billion active users worldwide. However, WhatsApp do not have an official advertising channel and thus bulk messaging through WhatsApp is a strong marketing channel that help businesses in reaching out their promotion. There is as high as 90% of read-rate from WhatsApp user. Research also show that smartphone user today is addicted in using Online Messaging App rather than SMS. WhatsApp is a channel for you to increase your leads. Apply this marketing channel for your business Now.

One Panel to Upload & Submit Your Campaigns

Easily upload your text and media file through our web panel. Submit your campaigns and grow the sales.

Multiple Channels & Servers

We blast your messages by using our local Malaysia channel. There is risk-free for you to enjoy the blast. No single SIM card you have to provide us.

One-way Marketing Channel

Our system responsible to blast your messages out. We widen your audiences based by generating these one-stop leads.

Grow with Worldwide Coverage

We can reach your messages to worldwide WhatsApp User. All valid WhatsApp User is always ready to receive your promotions.

Send with Your Company Logo

Bulk Whatsapp feature enable our customer to submit their campaigns with Profile Image. A message attached with Sender Logo will be more trustworthy so to generate more leads to your business.

What Can You Upload For Blast?

Text - Maximum up to 4,000 Characters. Any applicable Fonts and Emojis in WhatsApp.
Image - A good graphic helps your business to speak. Make sure the file size not exceeded 1mb for best blasting experience.
PDF - Propose your business promotion in formal way. Insert multiple graphic files in one PDF.
Video - A fascinating short video spread positive sense. Share within 5mb to all your potential customers.

Sign Up FAQ

Features of Whatsapp Blasting System

- Sending promotional message/event to your customer.
- Sending the text message with emoji and graphic file.
- Schedule your campaign to send it later.

Remarks of Whatsapp Blasting System

- All packages is ONE-time payment basis.
- Extendable server to serve more than 500,000 blast per day.
- Second-purchase user minimum top up amount is 50,000 credits.

What sender number will be displayed in my customer WhatsApp?

- Sender number is all in Malaysia (+60) and blast with local random numbers.
- We will not use your mobile number for blasting purpose because it may cause your number get banned.
- We blast to overseas WhatsApp as well.

Will my purchased credits expire?

- Sender number is all in Malaysia (+60) and blast with local random numbers.
There is no expiration date for your purchased credits.
- It will stay and remaining at your account before used.

Will you help me launch the blasting campaign?

- Yes, we can help to launch your campaign with extra charges incurred.
- There will be no charges if you launch it yourself.
- We provide FULL user guide to our customers.

What information should I provide for blasting purpose?

- Contact numbers each with country code “60” in TXT (Notepad) file.
- Promotional message in text (Maximum 5,000 characters).
- Media file that attached together with message (Optional).

When is your system operating hours?

- Our system working hours are 11am to 9pm.
- Campaign submission time last at 6pm.
- System maintenance every Sunday.

How is your Delivery Report and Delivery Rate?

- Delivery Report will be downloadable at the panel within 3 working days.
- Delivery Rate is 80%.

Any rules to follow for better blasting experience?

- Add country code ‘60’ in each contact numbers in TXT file.
- Image and PDF file size should in below 75kb.
- Video file size should below 5mb.
- Please ensure uniqueness of given contact numbers. Duplicate numbers will be filtered and each contact number will only receive one message.

Any services with extra charges?

- Bulk Campaign Launching Service
- Sender Name Changing Service