Signal Messenger Blasting

Reach Your Messages to 40 Million Active Signal Users NOW

Why Signal Broadcast Works?

Signal has now achieved 105 million downloads worldwide. Signal is now top spot in India, Germany, Australia, Hong Kong & etc. There are huge number of audiences you can generate with business leads. To register as Active Signal User, your customer needs to connect with their own contact number. It subsequently means that broadcast your promotional messages to your targeted audiences’ Signal is similar like sending SMS. The deliverability of our Signal sender is as high as 97%. Do not miss the chance to increase your business profitability.

One Panel to Upload & Submit Your Campaigns

Easily upload your text and media file through our web panel. Submit your campaigns and grow the sales.

Multiple Channels & Servers

We blast your messages by using our local Malaysia channel. There is risk-free for you to enjoy the blast. No single SIM card you have to provide us.

One-way Marketing Channel

Our system responsible to blast your messages out. We widen your audiences based by generating these one-stop leads.

Grow with Worldwide Coverage

We can reach your messages to worldwide Signal Active User. Every contact number you uploaded that is Active Signal User, they will be receiving your promotional messages.

Send with Your Company Logo

Our panel enable you to upload your company logo as campaign’s profile image. It helps your customer to quickly recognize you as offeror so as not to ignore the message. A message attached with Sender Logo will be more trustworthy, also to generate more leads to your business.

What Can You Upload For Blast

Text - Maximum up to 4,000 Characters. Any applicable Fonts and Emojis in Signal.
Note: We strongly recommend our customer to insert a LINK to ease recipient in reaching back to you. You may use bitly or rebrandly to generate the LINK so that the performance is under monitoring.
Image - A good graphic helps your business to speak. Make sure the file size not exceeded 1mb for best blasting experience.
Video - A fascinating short video help to speak out your products greatly, than your long passage. Share within 5mb to all your potential customers.

Sign Up FAQ

Can I Send Signal Message to Overseas Numbers?

Yes. We send worldwide. You need to ensure the country code is insert correctly.

Will My Signal Credits Expires?

No. Your Credits will stay remain at your account before you used it.

Is There Any Restrictions to the Content?

No. There is no restriction on your content.

How Do I Get the Delivery Report?

The report will be downloadable in the panel within 3 working days after campaign completion.

The Delivery Report only available for campaign more than 70 numbers.

How is the Delivery Rate?

For Signal Marketing service, we guarantee 95% Delivery Rate for all valid Signal numbers.

Do You Provide Any Demo or Trial Account?

Yes. Kindly WhatsApp Us at +60 11-5939 9319.

We will provide you a FULL user guide to make sure you can adopt our panel as fast as possible.

Any Rules Need to be Followed for Better Blasting Experience?

Insert Country Code to every single contacts.

Make sure the contact list is saved as TXT (Notepad) file.