Terms of Services

General Terms and Conditions

  1. We do not guarantee the increase of your business enquiries, website link clicks, and sales after the completion of blast.

  2. Our system will not do the number validity check. Invalid phone number will still deduct the credit. But Credits deducted for invalid phone number will be fully refunded to your account.

  3. Our system responsible to make sure the message is sending out to the recipient-end, and we cannot control if any blocking / filtering caused by Platform-end (eg: WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, Line, Zalo).

  4. You reserve the rights to request delivery screenshot from us to prove of sending within 3 working days upon campaign completion.

  5. You agree that skyblast has the right to collect, store, and use non-sensitive data that can be uniquely identified to a particular account and otherwise sensitive data that will be anonymized and aggregated.

  6. Package fee and Service fee is non-refundable.

  7. Your recipients will receive the message from random sender numbers from our server, and no any responses will be recorded in our system.

  8. Our guaranteed Delivery Rate only serve for valid/active users. Invalid phone number is not counted.

  9. By exposing your contact list to our company, you or your business is bound to PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act). Under no circumstances, we reserve the rights to use your uploaded contact list for any reason.

Contact Information

Questions about the Terms of Use should be sent to us at [email protected]


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