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WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, Signal, Zalo, Email *ALL IN ONE*

Bulk sending unlimited promotional messages, reaching out to endless potential audiences available in the social media platform like WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, Viber, Signal and etc. The more you sent, the higher number of potential sales. We are always supportive to your business.

SkyBLAST – Professional Blasting Agency

We have been reaching out uncountable Billion messages to help our customer build and promote their brand with products. We strategically recommend a good content structure to help them increase their potential sales. You can eventually promote anything. It can be a product, an event, a game, an App, a website and etc. We are experienced in speed up your business growth in such a short period but winning new customer acquisition with bigger contracts.

Customer Relationship Management

SkyBLAST enable your business to keep-in-touch with the entire market. You can design the content in full of sweetness, friendliness, and anything as long as your message able to serve as reminder to your customer. Frequently appeal your BRAND into market not only increase brand awareness but also build good relationship with your customer. Stay Active on Customers’ Eye.

Auto-Generated Date-By-Date Report

Delivery Report will be with User ID, Campaign ID, Contact Number, Sent Status, Delivery Status, and Delivery Date. Report serves for every Campaign that are submitted with more than 60 blasts. SkyBLAST enable all users to keep track with the delivery status of their messages. All messages in undelivered status will get Full Refund upon confirmation with Report. No Doubt and No Hesitation.

FREE-Build Content

SkyBLAST do not apply any restriction on the words you used in blasting purpose. You may always WhatsApp Us to have confirmation or checking of your contents. Business field such as Online Cash Market and Loan Lender are welcoming as well. We will suggest any possible recommendations for your content betterment. No Risk, No Barrier for Blast.

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